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Typrama - Markalama Kalıp ve Ekipmanları - Rolling Embossing Tools

Abrollpragewerk (AP507)
Rolling-embossing Mechanisms can be applied together with special rolling machines. As standard types these tools are manufactured in three rolling diameters (65mm/92mm/104mm). These tools are featured by high stability as the gears are made of special steel and the gearbox is extremely stable.

Height of figures : 0.8 - 12mm

Number of digits :1 o 30 according to the

Design :10-40- parts wheel engraving

Available designs : A 500, T 501, H 502, K 503, HS 504, RS 506

Special types :tools with rolling radius upon request, mechanisms with double-indexing, intermediate webs and special engraving. The dimensions of the tools can vary according to the design. We also manufacture these tools according to your drawings and samples, resp.

Pragewerk mit Typenhalter (TH508)
Embossing mechanisms with type holder can be manufactured in most various designs, it is possible to locate the type holders before, after, between above or below the embossing wheels. Single- or multi-line type holders are possible.

Height of figures : 0.8 - 40mm

Number of digits :upon request

Design :A 500, T 501. H 502, HS 504, K 503, RS506

Special types :tools with plain or electronically controlled heating, concave engraving and special purpose tools upon request

Automatisches Pragewerk (A500P)
Automatically indexing numbering-embossing tool with pneumatic indexing cylinder. With this variant of the mechanism A500 the drive of the indexing ensues by a mounted pneumatic cylinder instead of the stroke of press. All sizes can be equipped with it. In this way the indexing movement is independent of the press stroke. Via suitable controls the tool can be indexed between the embossing optionally. A further advantage arises from the possible shortening of the embossing stroke. Without pneumatic indexing the embossing stroke has to have, at least, the length of the indexing path. It is with all sub-assemblies greater than 15mm.

Utilizing the pneumatic indexing the embossing stroke ca be indexed below 4mm, on the part of safety this is often necessary working presses. In addition the indexing can be controlled and secured against faults.

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