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Typrama - Markalama Kalıp ve Ekipmanları - Numbering Embossing Tools

Automatic Embossing Tool (A500)
Embossing mechanisms with automatically switching can be indexed by hand or by ram utilizing the embossing stroke. To adjust the initial figure the wheels are preset by hand. The indexing of the groups of numbers is realized incremental with each switching movement. Further numerical orders (decrement, multifold skipping) are available in special types.

Height of figures : 1.6 - 40 mm

Number of digits : 1 - 25 according to the height of figures

Design : Wheels 10-parts, engraving 0 - 9, intermediate notch for embossing without leading zeros, automatic indexing up to 6 wheels.

Special types : 11-parts embossing wheels for extremely deep embossing without leading zeros. Indexing with up to 40 engravings for each digit. Special designs.

Hand - adjustable Embossing Tool (H502)
The wheels of hand-adjustable embossing mechanisms are fixed with elastic grippers and notched discs at the wheels. Adjustment is made by means of an adjusting pin. The adjusted figure combination can be controlled by visual figures. The wheels can be adjusted forward and backward without loosening an arresting.

Height of figures : 1.6 - 50 mm

Number of digits : 1 - 25mm according to the height of figures

Design : 12-,13-,14-,15-parts wheels

Special types : according to the heights of figures up to 40 engravings per wheel.

Key - adjustable Embossing Tool (T501)
Key-Embossing tools are put on the wished combination by mounted adjusting levers. Every wheel disposes of a keys lever. By pressing down the respective key the wheel is indexed for one figure (letter). The separate Wheels dispose of additional sight engravings in which the opposed marks can be read easily.

Height of figures : 1.5 - 40 mm

Places number : 1 - 25 according to figure height

Execution : 12-, 13-, 14-, 15-part wheels

Special equipments : wheel division to max. 40 engravings per wheel dependent on the figure height.

Klein - Ziffen - Pragewerk (A500a)
Small-figure embossing mechanisms can be supplied with two designs.
1. Design: tools with hand adjustable wheels
2. Design: tools with automatic indexing

The automatic type is manufactured with 10-parts wheels. As special type also with 11-parts wheels for embossing of figure progressions without leading zeros available. Hand-adjustable mechanisms are equipped with 12-parts wheels. Special designs are available up to 20-parts.

Height of figures : 0,6 - 1,5 mm

Number of digits : 1 - 25

Special types : Embossing wheels with increased wheel taper for embossing, e.g. into deep located surfaces (e.g. inside of watch lids).

Kombiniertes Pragewerk (A500a)
Combined embossing mechanisms can be indexed - like automatic embossing mechanisms - by hand or by untilizing the embossing stroke incremtally. In addition each wheel can be shifted easily by means of key lever. Continuous numerical groups, therefore can be indexed easily with adequate initial combinations. All wheels are engraved additionally with sight figures to facilitate the indexing.

Height of figures : 1,6 - 15 mm

Number of digits : 1 - 23 according to the height of figures

Special types : up to 40-parts wheels for mechanisms with non-automatic indexing.

Schnellverstellbares Pragewerk (HS504)
Embossing mechanisms with rapid adjustment are particularly suitable for marking with frequently changing figure groups where non-counting function is needed. Via levers and intermediate gears figures or letters can be rapidly adjusted. Big sight figures on setting wheel show the figure combination to be embossed. As the wheels can be indexed forward or backward the shortest distance for adjustment can be chosen.

Height of figures : 1,6 - 12 mm

Number of digits : 1 - 25

Design :11 o 15- parts wheels according to the height of figures.

Pragewerk mit seitlicher Einstellung (S505)
Embossing mechanisms with telescope adjustment permit setting of different combinations of figures. According to the design the knurled setting wheels are located on one side only or distributed on both sides of tool. The set figure to be embossed can be read at a separate sight field. Engravings of figures, letters or special signs are possible.

Height of figures : 0,8 - 6 mm

Number of digits : maximum 11 digits

Special types :up to 40-parts wheels, tools with plain and controlled heating for embossing into thermally reacting materials.

Schnellverstellbares Pragewerk (RS506)
This group of rapidly adjustable tools can be applied in multiple ways. Adjustment is performed by means of a setting wheel to be lifted. The set combination can be read in the sight figure field. The setting wheel to be lifted from wheel to wheel has an arresting for each wheel position. All wheels can be indexed forward and backward, resp. This design allows 40 engravings for each setting wheel for embossing. There are available the figures 0-9, letters A-Z and four signs for each wheel. Thereby, a great flexibility is provided for marking.

Height of figures : 0.8 - 10mm according to the wheel division

Design : 13-, 28-, 40-parts wheel

Number of digits : according to request

Special types : individual wheel divisions, plain, controlled heating of the tool for hot embossing into synthetic material, paper, leather etc. Concave engraving, in particular, for hot embossing of cables.

Pragewerkzeuge in Sonderausfuhrung
Embossing Tools with Special-purpose Design Embossing Mechanisms with Radius-shaped Engraving The engraving of these tools is adapted to the parts to be embossed. Radii, deep located embossing points and uneven surfaces can be compensated.

Height of figures : as from 0.8

Design : A 500 / T 501 / H 502 / RS 506 / K 503 / HS 504

Number of digits : according to diameter of part

Special types : upon request of customer after examining of the embossing part proposal

Pragewerkzeuge in Sonderausfuhrung
Embossing mechanisms in these design can be used for marking round parts without utilization of rolling machine. By means of these mechanisms round materials can be embossed along the axis (concave engraving) and horizontal to the axis (concave gear set). The embossing radius is adapted to the part to be embossed. According to the diameter and height of figures different radii with relative adaptation can be embossed by means of one tool.

Height of figures : 0.8 - 40mm

Design : A 500 / T501 / H 502 / K506 / HS 504

All these designs are available with heating.

Pragezange (PZ502)
Embossing pliers for marking of sheet metals or materials up to 4mm thickness. The embossing pliers can be equipped with tools adjustable by hand up to max. 6 digits with 3mm height of figures. A holding-up handle is mounted to the second arm of the pliers. This, slight embossing can be made on materials which are not too hard. The max shearing depth amounts about 35mm.

Number of Digits : 1 - 6

Height of figures : 0.8 - 4mm

Engravings : max. 10 engraving per wheel and blank

Pragerolle / Rotationszylinder (PZ502)
Embossing rolls for installation in flow processes in which materials are marked continuously, e.g., roll tables for the forming of sheet metals, marking of tubes, plants for synthetic material processing where endless material is manufactured, marking of cables etc. The embossing rolls can be tipped with types on the periphery. Additionally embossing mechanisms adjustable by hand or with continuous numbering can be mounted. With continuous numbering the indexing is mounted at the side and can be indexed via a cam wheel during rotation. We manufacture these embossing rolls with diameters from 50 up to 500mm. The design is adapted ordinarily to the requirements of the user.

Height of figures : 0.8 - 40mm

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